W.A.L.A. depends upon the dues of its members to support the Worthington Lacrosse Program and players.  Here are the ways in which your $25 a year will help make a difference in the Worthington Lacrosse program and its players.  

1.  First Sticks-A program intended to provide first sticks to neighbors, friends, and kids throughout the community whom have never played the sport.  First Sticks gives members the ability to nominate recipients and bestow sets of "first sticks" upon these future players.

2.  Send Players to Camp.  Every year there are kids that would love to go to go to lacrosse camp that may not have the resources of their fellow teammates.  W.A.L.A. aims to make sure all Worthington kids have an equal opportunity to learn and improve their game.

3. Provide Grants and Scholarships to kids that are standouts in the areas of education, athletics, and community involvement.